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This article details how to make a quality original post on our FORUMS, which includes adding external links, photos, video, and other type of attachments.

(Note: replying to an existing post is similar.)

STEP ONE: On the Main Page, which can be reached by using the tabs available on any page on this website, and clicking on the MAIN tab.

From the MAIN page, scroll to the bottom of the recent posts FORUM column in the center of the MAIN page and click on the "+Add a discussion" link.

(Note: you can also create a new original FORUM post from inside an existing Forum in a similar way.)

After clicking on the +Add a Discussion link, you should see a window like this:


This process only works from a standard computer. Most portable devices (Android, iOS, etc.) will not allow posting of photos, videos, links, or the attachment of files.

I hope this helps everyone who has not yet figured out how to post photos and images.

Please also note that it is FREE to post FOR SALE or WANTED adds on WharramBuilders. There is no limit on the number of photos/videos, you post inside your add. In fact, it is better to post more photos and more details.


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It might be worth pointing out that when you want an image in a post, you can use the Image button in the toolbar to put the picture directly into the post. If it's added as an attachment, it can't easily be seen; it's a pain.

Keep on posting!

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