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hi all.

im in Christchurch, NZ. Just bought a Tiki 21 and was reading the plans and Wharram talks about each hull weighting around 60kgs. i havent weighed the hulls but ill say that they are easily 120kg each.my brother and i can only just manage to get the hulls of the trailer by ourselves. theres no way that we could "walk them over a sand beach and set up".

so just wanted to get some ideas from people. would you be able to pick your hull up with someone and walk it say 300m to water over a beach or something.

wondering if the original maker used much heavier ply.



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Hey rob i have the same suspicion as far as the tiki 26 hulls go,i reckon the weigh in a lot more than the plans say,how much more i do not know.Or maybe you kiwis need to eat more wheaties ? :)

i have a tiki 21 that is a clear foot taller in the hull, thus more voluminous than plans specify, that is beautifully made and could be walked over a beach, even by myself, an old fart, if i had the time. Facing that i would move slow. Recently had bought both this tiki21 and another to do rehab work on as a method of training a crew to build a boat (a 31 foot proa). The second tiki21 i obtained was NOT as well made, is one foot shorter in the height midsection, and i could not so move it. Even with my crew of two 21 year old guys we had a more difficult time with the second, smaller tiki. It is a matter of the woods and the construction techniques i am sure. But the second one will be a real difficult off the trailer move.



thanks for the replys guys. cliff i wish my tiki was that light. yea myself and my 2 brothers ( were all 6'1" and 180+ pounds can only just get one hull of and onto the trailer. its a mission. not really what i wanted.


Did you buy the boat from down in Southland?  Looked nice, sorry to hear is so heavy.

na got it from up in auckland

When I rebuilt the rudders on my tiki 26, Vaea, the old rudders were much heavier than the new rudders. . .I think I was picking up quite a bit of water when lifting the old rudders!  Hopefully it is the scantlings, and not the fact that the boat is holding water.

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