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Hi, I have now bought new plans to build this boat.  Has anyone else built this boat, if so have they used the 4mm ply as specified or a thicker ply?

I live in the Highlands and 4mm is difficult to obtain, so I was wondering about 5.5 mm ply !

Any thoughts would be most welcome.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Sydney,

For myself, i used 6mm ply for bulkheads and small pièces in 12mm (2*6mm glued). 12mm ply for stem, stern posts, rudders. and 4mm ply for hull side and deck as specified.

IMHO, the curvature of the hull side at the stern is not so small. I don't know if a 5.5mm ply could endorse such a torture without breaking.

Hi Marc, Many thanks for your reply.  Have you used marine ply or WPB?  Is your boat finished, and if you have any other hints,tips, that would be great.


I would also recommend 4mm.

I used WPB myself. Unless you plan to leave the boat in the water all year round, this should be fine.

One tip: don't cut the aft deck until you can take the measurement of the hull. The dimensions in the plans are wrong - too narrow if I remember correctly.

If I should build a hitia 17 again I would probably put the deck stringer (the one that runs down the middle) on the inside instead. It would be a lot easier to glass.


all marine ply, 6 mm with sapelli faces.


I include reserve buoyancy in the ends.

Hi Guys, Many thanks for the replies and info.

Kind Regards,

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