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Well last weekend was very exciting for me, finally went from being a build project to a boat in the water. It was a 3 year project which some might think is kind of slow, but I work away from home and could only build at the weekend, and also build as funds allowed.

I built her with increased freeboard but omitted the bulworks and she ended up at 24 feet long, the space in the hulls is huge compared to a standard Hinemoa, the bed is moved up from the first stringer to the second one and is huge for this size of Wharram.

This weekend I got the mast and rigging up, I have rigged her with the Spirit rig, as I am curious as to how it will work. the reports in the old Sailorman mag are mixed, some love it, others don't. if the spirit rig is not a success then I have a cutter rig ready to fit instead, but that will ruin the open deck.

The build of these old classic designs is not hard, but I wish I had paid attention to previous builders who have passed on their wisdom, Pre bevel the stringers before fitting, fit the internal bunks and shelves before fitting the sides.

Now all I need is some fair weather to get some sailing done, I have her moored on the Ayrshire coast, and I will spend this year exploring locally before attempting some longer journeys, 


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Well done Barrie,you must be a happy man. Enjoy the friuts of your labour and post photos.

Congratulations Barrie!

Seriously thought about building a Hinemoa before deciding to build the Tanenui. I really like the Hinemoa.

I'm raising freeboard/deck to bulwork height, keeping the bukworks and stretching her 2"-6", using the Tiki style Crossbeams/Lashing upgrade drawings, they use Tiki 31 type beams with the Tiki 30s 16'-4" beam. I'm going to use with the Wingsail rig.

I see you used the lashed type crossbeams, she looks great. I think she looks nicer with the raised decks.

Really like the color finish on deck & crossbeams. What kind of wood & finish is that?

 Would like to see interior pics to. 

Let us know what you think of the Spirit Rig.

Cheers, Allen

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