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My current foresail set up includes a furler drum, top swivel and steel cable sewn into the sail luff. The cord can easily tangle on the drum and the top swivel can stick.

I've looked at replacing these parts with similar small rig equipment. Despite the working loads for the new parts from Selden being higher than the existing parts, the physical sizes are too small to take the thimbles.

I'm trying to avoid spending disproportionate amounts on a new set up.

  • What would people suggest as alternative drum and swivel parts?
  • Also, what is the likely working load on a tiki 21 foresail?

Current arrangement

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Hi Ian,

I have a roller reefing system including a plastic spar up the luff of the jib from Rob Helyar of http://www.flexible-reefing-spars.co.uk/ on my Hitia 17 which works very nicely. He mainly does monohull dinghies and did a bit of development with Allen Bros to sort parts for fitting it to a catamaran - mainly a "drum mounting plate", to which the bottom swivel and the top ends of the forestay bridle are attached. I posted about it a little while back here: http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/forum/topics/roller-reefing-for-sma...

Not totally sure if he'll have something good for your bigger boat, but might be worth asking - he seems very helpful.



Hi Ian,

I dont know the exact loads but I estimate a working load of 0,8 tons is safe.

Best regards Jan

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