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Now that I have a pole and a gennaker, I am thinking of a flying jib. (we call it "clinfoc", in French).

I have seen UK Sailmaker's video of a boat using one:


It seems quite efficient upwind, according to the info provided.

Here are my questions.

I plan to put the tack point of the flying jib just behind the block where I put the tack of  my gennaker. I will use the same halyard and the same sheets for my flying jib.

I plan to use a furler for this sail. (I do not have a furler on my jib, I fly it with the gennaker up).

Problem is, is it possible to hoist a sail like this without a stay? 

Thank you for your advices, 


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Normally for a sail like this you might have a wire in the luff of the sail. But if of heavier construction you don't really need this. I gather you will be using this either reaching or on a broad reach. This is fine as the loads on the sail are not as high compared to going to windward. Sailing to Australia from New Zealand, I blew out my kite and used an old jib like this . Often you can get given old genoas or cheap sails and they are very handy on a wharram as  you've got plenty of deckspace to play around with in terms of setting your sail. I used several sails like this on my T 38. have fun Brett

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