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This one cost me a lot of brain power before I figured it out, so I'm posting here in hopes it will save another Melanesia builder a headache.

The Imperial (inches) figure given for the side panel depth at the second station line forward of the center on the Melanesia is incorrect.  It's listed as 13 and 3/16 inches, but when lofting the curve, that point sits well off the line.  It turns out that the metric dimension, 351mm, corresponds to 13 and 13/16 inches, a difference of 5/8 inch or roughly 16mm. 

One more reason to switch to the metric system....

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It's a common occurance when building boats from a table of offsets. I was thought the lofting rule, "If it looks right it probably is, if it dosen't, correct it" The bigger a boat you build the greater margin for error but it's nothing that a good fairing batten can't sort out.
Yeah, I'm not upset about it.  I just thought there should be some record of it somewhere for the next guy to notice something's not right.
Thanks for the info. Just got my plans, 752. The error is on sheet number 2. Here's a picture for the newer folks, like myself.

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