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Possibly the camber on my forward  deck is unique but the 40 mm deck blocks that the plans call for are not high enough I've glued up some more 55 mm which I hope work. Small complaint,

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Yeah thanks for the confirmation 3.61 m that is what I I did was right after some some trouble fumbling around with tape I set my hulls at 11'9" apart roughly now I can get on with building  my cross arms beams. We swamp yankees still believe that the rest of the world is going to convert to feet and inches. Again thank you. 

Hmmm..... 11'9" would be 141" x 2.54 = 358.14cm = 3.58 m
Unless I've made some mistake you'll be about 1 5/16" short.

Budget Boater - yes rock solid in a seaway. Even when I thrashed her at 12kn close reaching into 5ft seas in 20 - 30kn of true wind.  I was testing the new beams , I don't normally sail like this.

I would love to be able to claim some credit here, but this is just as JWD designed them so that is where the credit must go.

As John says for frapping to be effective the lashing turns must be long.

Cannot see why JWD didn't just stick with this type of lashing.

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