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I am looking to buy a tiki 21 or 26 in northern europe or UK.

Please do give me a shout in case you have a boat coming up for sale.
(So long as it doesn't say i got one in this post - i am looking :) )

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maybe a mana 24 for sale?

Are you still interested in buying a Tiki 21?
Is that the *fourth* Tiki 21 up for sale on that side of the Atlantic this year!? I’m not greedy, I only want one (that I don’t have to hire a spot on a roro freighter to bring to the States!) 😂

Tide,  My Tiki 26 "Lookfar" maybe up for sale soon.  I built her and launched in 2002. She has had several refits and maintained to a very high standard - if I say so myself. Two pack epoxy paint and Coppercoated with a new outboard motor etc etc.  She has been stored undercover on and off for about 6 of those years, including in my living room.  I am not giving up sailing but currently in negotiations to buy a larger yacht with all the comforts my wife now expects. Jerry

Yes it is hard work maintaining a Wharram you have to keep on top of things . Even with two pack and Coppercoat which I have also. With my 31 I am basically singlehanded as my wife is not well and it may be my last season with the boat also. Who knows. I will do some singlehanding soon and see how it goes. She is hard to tack and this restricts me somewhat, though I am retuning her at the moment. I am going to singlehanded sail her up the Dart  soon and hope I don't crash into too many boats on moorings. I compromised by fitting a new electric start outboard, for "events dear boy, events...."

Someone crashed a Cornish Crabber on our pontoons today, being a bit ambitious sailing off singlehanded -headed in a F5. Not making the tack quickly enough he started up his engine but then as he had a sheet trailing it quickly wrapped around his prop. Thankfully as his bowsprit met the nearby boat someone was on it and fended off. The boat was last seen lifted on the dock for prop attention.....Oops.


Are you still looking to sell a Mana?



tide said:

maybe a mana 24 for sale?

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