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Not sure if there's anyone else close enough to me in New Mexico for it to be practical but I'm clearing out after mostly finishing the build and have a few things left over. There's not much local demand for boat building stuff.

1. 2 cases of 1/2 scrim backed end-grain balsa, 2' x 4'

2. 10 or so 2x4 sheets of structural foam, scored for bending, I think 9mm

3. Approx 10 gallons of fairing filler, lightweight. I think it's West, just can't remember for sure.

4. A sheet of brynzeel 18mm okume marine ply

5. 1/2 dozen sheets of 3mm okume marine ply

6. an oldie but goodie Rockwell 10" contractors table saw on a rolling, dust collecting base, industrial TEFC 1.5hp motor

7. various kinds of sandpaper, especially long strips of fairing board hook and loop paper in various grades, along with the fairing board.

8. 50' x 26' x 14' Norseman fabric and steel frame building. Was delivered on a regular pick-up and trailer so assume it could leave the same way. Perfectly useable but new skins are available quite reasonably if wanted. See: http://www.norsemanstructures.com/building-selector/qg-series  
9. 2.5 gallon paint pot and HVLP spray gun, tips for heavy primer and PU. Everything you need for spraying except for the compressor and paint.

Will probably uncover other stuff as I keep digging into the piles. Trade for dyneema netting or what have you? 

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Not that I'm being overwhelmed with responses...but the table saw, the paint spray set and the boat shed are gone. 

Forgot a few other things:

1. blakes lavak toilet with all the valves, hose and pump needed to set it up for a holding tank/through-hull set up. After much thought, I'm using a 'composting' toilet. 

2. Drafting table, perfect for setting plans on when taking measurements. 

3. Various bits of water and trash hose, different sizes. 

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