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Good day everyone.  Was thinking of moving to the Philippines to build a Tiki 38.  Does anyone know about the availability of building materials and tools over there?  Also, where would be the best location (city, province, state) to build at?

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Here is the place you need.


This is a Philippines website for amators builders. At least one of them built a Tiki21 in a record time. Also, you have a professional Tiki builder in the Philippines. A friend of mine had his T30 made there. He then sailed it to Hong Kong.

As for materials, wood, plywood boltds and screws and époxy are available. For the rest I'm not sure but I would be surprised if not. Try the website I gave to you. And keep in touch with your progress.


Thanks for the response.  The website you referred is a lot of help.  Thanks again.


G"day Eric,


this company build Wharrams in the Philippines.

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