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We have completed fairing and sanding the mold for the composite hulls of the Ariki. Hanneke redrew these plans to optimize the shape for foam/glass construction while retaining the pretty shape of the Classic Ariki. We strip planked the mold over frames and then glassed it inside and out. Then we faired it and sanded it and now we have waxed it. We will start our first hull next week. Stay tuned, same cat time, same cat channel.

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Wow :-) Good Job :-)


there is something about the ole ariki lines that does it for me.


Am I missing something or would it make sense to use this hull for your TIKI 36 idea? I know it is a different design but the dimensions are similar I believe. I dont think you would find it difficult to adapt with your skills and experience with these designs.


This hull is 46' and some change long. The T-36 is  definately a Tiki style design and the Ariki is a Classic design. The T-36 would have been the next boat we built as my personal yacht. It would do what I want and provide a level of comfort that the T-30 lacked. Instead we sold an Ariki and the client was ok with us building the boat in glass. I think that this will be a very popular model as many folks are looking for a larger boat to live on and cruise. There are also many people that don't want a wooden boat. The market for cruising cats is heavy with high 30'ers and 40'ers. I need to sell boats or I can't build them. I like building boats. I think that the T-36 is a great design and would love to build one but I have sold two Arikis now as well as a Woods Eclipse so we will be building what I have sold first before building another spec boat. I might actually build an Ariki for myself but I will modify it. I will put in daggerboards and a vertical sternpost along with a big rgr with a carbon sprit. I like to sail fast, I like to race, I work for a living (I love my job) and have limited time to spend cruising. Fortunately the Bahamas are very close and I can spend 2-3 weeks and get some great sailing/cruising in. If someone wants a T-36 then I would be happy to build a mold for it and build them a boat. We are happy to build bare hulls hulls and decks, hulls,decks and beams , and really any stage of completion that a body might want.

my apologies. I was confused regarding the LOA of the Ariki. it is more performance orientated than the other classic designs I believe so it will be interesting to see how you customize the fit out. are you adding more overall  beam to this one? and a tiki style pod?

The first glass Ariki we are delivering as hulls with decks and houses,beams and rudders with a 19' beam. This The owner will complete the vessel. The second one we will complete the vessel with a 24' beam. This boat will get a deck arrangement similar to the Pahi 53 in the Med named Hecate.

How much lighter do you think the hulls will be in glass vs ply?

These hulls will weigh between 1000 and 1400 lbs. That is as close as I can call it now. Wharram's weights are not clear as to what is included so it is hard for me to say what his hulls alone weigh, These will be light hulls for a 47' catamaran. The lay-up will be an inner skin of 1 layer of 1 1/2 oz CSM, 1 layer of 1708 biax, 1 layer of 1808 biax, then 5/8" divinycell core with an outer skin the same as the inner skin. We will be painting these hulls, not using gelcoat.

How is the Ariki progressing?


We have built the plugs and then the molds for the fore and aft decks and for the house. We have pulled the first two decks from the molds. Here are the plan drawings we have so far. I will follow soon with some photos.

Can't wait to see the pictures.  Your work is art!


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