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I'm sheathing the hulls & all exterior wood and coating the interior with epoxy (varnish top coats) on the Narai and figure I'll be in the neighborhood of the amount used on the Tiki 38. 

Won't have all the fillets, but will have more surface area than the Tiki 38. I'll probably end up using more than the T 38 does by the time she's finished.

So using it as a rough guide.

Actually, anyone know about how many gallons the Tiki 46 uses out of curiosity?

Cheers, Allen


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Seemed like a thousand gallons for the 46.  Seriously I didn't keep track but it was a lot more than the plans suggested.

Lol I imagine the Tiki 46 used a lot!
Hopefully way more than I'll need for the Narai.

How many gallons does the plans say is needed for the Tiki 46?

I think the Tiki 38 lists 225 kilos of resin & 50 kilos of harder kit from West twice, so 550 kilos of epoxy.
But I have no idea how many gallons that would equate to.

I'll be using System Three SilverTip resin.

Cheers, Allen

The Tiki 38 calls for about 120 gallons (mixed) of epoxy. About half of that amount is used in fillets, while the remainder is used for coating, glassing, laminating, and gluing. I am guessing that somewhere between 45 and 70 gallons will be required to complete my Narai MKIV. We will not be coating the interior with epoxy.

For example, we used 6 gallons (mixed) total, plus fillers, to make our four 24' long (Tiki 46 style) I beams, each consisting of two laminated layers of ply webs, lumber reinforcements top and bottom on both sides, and three layers of 6" wide lumber top and bottom. It takes 4.5 - 6 oz (mixed) epoxy to coat one side of a 4'x8' sheet of plywood, depending on temperatures and application technique. It takes another 12-16 oz (mixed) to lay on a 4' x8' area of 10oz glass. Another 6-8 oz (mixed) plus added light (.28sg) micro balloons to fair the fiberglass.

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