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Has anyone here built, owned or are familiar with the Narai Mk II?

There's a good bit of info and pics of the Narai Mk IV out there, but not much about the Mk II.

Which is of course the one I'm interested in wouldn't you know!

Trying to learn some about how the Tangaroa Mk IV & Narai Mk II (not interested in the Narai Mk IV to big & elaborate) compare. I mean I know some of the basic dimensions of course.

One of the things I like about the Narai Mk II over the Tangaroa Mk IV is the useful load. Not so much the extra 4' of length, tho the length is connected to the useful load.

Just thinking that be the time I get which ever one I build loaded as a live aboard and or loaded for cruising where supplies aren't readily available, it will be somewhat heavy.

Tangaroa is listed as 4400lbs bare & 3300 useful load vs Narai Mk II at 6600lbs bare & 6600 useful load. I thought about stretching the Tangaroa hulls 2' as Hanneke said could be done on the Tanenui.

I think I would prefer a little bigger boat not loaded to the max and not sitting below her lines if possible.

She'll handle nicer and be faster that way.

Want to optimize it for a couple to live aboard or at least semi live aboard. Have room for my sister, her husband and 5 kids (5-13 yrs) to stay on board for 2-3 nights at a time. And have room in other hull for a couple to stay for a week or two.

My heart says Narai Mk II! My brain is trying to weigh out the positive vs negatives. I know The Narai will cost more to build, but don't think too awfully much more.

If I g for the Tangaroa Mk IV, I'll build her with the beams on top of deck & not with troughs. That saves some weight & 12 sheets of plywood.

Either one will get Tiki style crossbeams/lashings and beam 3 not across deck but like the Tiki 38 and extend the cabin aft to beam 4.

So, any input about the Narai Mk II?

Cheers, Allen

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Don, do you have pics of building  KATIPO you could post or send me? I went thru Building Tiger Blog & saved the construction pics. But would like to see your build and mods if possible.

Cheers, Allen

What is the diameter (or recommend diameter) of the steering wheel for the Narai Mk IV?
It's not listed anywhere I can find.

Cheers, Allen


Cool, thanks.

Cheers, Allen

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