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Hello Folks, I would be most grateful if someone could tell me how much anti fouling a Tiki 38 will need. Also any recommendations on products is highly welcome

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I used 2.5 gallons to do 2 coats on my Tangaroa MK IV. If you buy extra, you can re-package it in quart paint cans and keep it till next time, or for low-tide touch-ups.

Thanks guys for your replies, sorry for my late response too. Chuck hit the nail on the head there, i used 5 litres of Hempel on both hulls for one coat, just over a gallon.

HI Guys,

Just on this topic of anti fouling...any thoughts on regular anti foul vs coppercoat? 

Coppercoat is great if you plan to have the boat awhile and are happy to wipe or scrub every few months, costs more initially but cheaper in the long run and more environmentally friendly, we put it on a 38 ft cat and it performed well . gives a fast smooth finish that does not disappear when you scrub.

Great thanks for the info Dave. I am considering to use it but I did get some feedback that it can wipe off when you scrub but seems that may not always be the case. 

no coppercoat is hard epoxy resin with copper powder, wiping and scrubbing won,t wear it away

no more often than annually you can lightly take the surface off with fine wet and dry paper and it should last 10 years of this   after 3 to 4 months we would have some slime and a couple of tiny barnacles but they were not stuck hard  at all, and easily wiped off. we never used sandpaper but did use a green pot scourer pad at times.  The boat did feel fast when clean.,  It was a job to get all the old antifoul off and an epoxy primer on before applying, if it is put on over old antifoul it won,t stick well.

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