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I'm looking to put an "air head" composting toilet and a shower in "Pai Nai" aka "Pumpkin".  I'm planning on using the standard location in the main cabin and and I can't find much about it online.  I would appreciate any feedback or links on this....Toilets, through holes vs pump, interior paint/sealant, location, etc. 

Thanks for your input, Rob

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Right! It is treated with lots of chemicals, including chlorine, of which most are not good for the environment, especially the ecosystems nearest land, like reefs.

Be careful of the propaganda.

What destroys underwater ecosystems more: boater's poo or chemical runoff and discharge from land?

Ricardo Aráoz said:

Actually just breathing is bad for the environment. The issue is how many do the breathing. We humans are too many so we must be careful with those things in which our number may be harmful to the environment. City's effluent is treated to elliminate the most dangerous bacteria, even so it can do a lot of harm to the environment. As for us boters, I think the responsible thing would be treating our effluents too, that would be composting or dropping them for treatment on land. That doesn't mean that you'll go to hell if you poo in the water, but the responsible thing to do is to treat it.

As for the peat moss, then it would depend on how much peat moss is being harvested, and which impact is the worst. I think treating our stuff is the way to go.

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