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1) MULTIHULL VOYAGING, Thomas Firth jones, Pub 1994. Hardback, First Edition, very clean, original cover but has a cracked spine.  He was a regular sailor with the Wharrams, helped with design of some of the early boats and did some pretty astonishing sailing in his little classic. He died relatively recently I believe. $15.00

2) LOW RESISTANCE BOATS also by Thomas Firth Jones, paperback book giving plans and design rationale for 24 low resistance boats, from kayak to cruiser. $10.00

3) SAILING THEORY AND PRACTISE, CA Marchaj,  Hardback, first and perhaps only edition (?) Good shape. This is a dense and serious treatise on sailing practice, sail design and theory as well as hull design and weather. Is quoted in the Wharram world for his work on wing sails. $15.00

4) THE CRUISING MULTIHULL, Chris White. Hardback, pub 1990, Also first and possibly only edition, perfect shape with original cover, somewhat dated but interesting and broad scope. $10.00

5) SIMPSON ON BOATBUILDING, Roger Simpson. Spiral bound, good shape. Basically a textbook for the new boatbuilder. Detailed and comprehensive. A really good and practical book, lots of illustrations. Very much more comprehensive than the Wharram building book. $7.50

6) HEAVY WEATHER SAILING, K Adlard Coles, 4th ed. 1992, hardback with cover, good condition. $12.50

7) ALTITUDE HOOKS & AZIMUTH RINGS, Dennis Fisher. Subtitled "how to build and use 18 traditional navigation tools". Softback, pub. 1995, good condition. A fun way to try some of the old ways of getting about on the ocean. Detailed instructions with illustrations for building the various methods, including Polynesian tools. $10.00

8) THE GOUGEON BROTHERS ON BOAT CONSTRUCTION, written of course by the Bros. Gougeon. Hardback, 4th ed. Excellent condition. Very good book for a boatbuilder planning on using epoxy and glass/wood/foam etc. . Quite literally, the Bros. Gougeon wrote the book on epoxy in boatbuilding and were the inspiration for the changed shapes and techniques in Wharram's post-'classic' designs. $15.00

Shipping included at USPS media rate in the Conus, if you want faster delivery I am happy to take it to the USPS or UPS  but any other service will be at your cost. Hell, if you want it really fast, I'll  wrap it, hand carry it, if you live somewhere warm I'll throw in a couple of christmas songs as I hand it over...and if you live somewhere really warm and by the ocean I'll hand carry it for the cost of a single ticket. Open to offers on any or all. 

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I'll take 6) Heavy Weather Sailing and 7) Altitued Hooks and Azimuth rings.  How would you like me to send you the money?

Great, glad you want them. You can just send me a cheque. I'll need your details too of course. Nice looking kayak by the way.


That'll be fine, Message me your address.  rpuryear@mac.com

Books on the way. Enjoy.

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