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I have to sell my 90% complete build of a Tiki 26.  Has just about everything except mast rigging and trampoline.  New Trasker sails, new Yahama 6hp long shaft, new bunk cushions. 

http://sailingconstellation.wordpress.com for pictures

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a tiki 26 in VT?

How terrible... I'm sorry to hear it... What's causing you to sell?

Looks like you've done a great job

What are you looking to get for her


I've got about $18K in her including the sails, cushions, motor and bomar hatches.  I know I won't get all that back.

Hey there guys,

Only just got your post about selling the T26, heart breaking news to be so close and not see the fruit ripen. Just the thought of being in that postion makes my soul ache.

Is it totally unavoidable? If we all band together and really pour words and reason your way, could you keep her?

I only ask because down the track could be true regret, remorse or worse, a path realised that could have kept her in your life.

Casey and I have finally reached the Sea of Cortez with our Tahiti Wayfarer outrigger, Wilber, and are getting ready to explore for a few months, the mere thought of not doing it scares the crap out of me. You sure you can't keep her?

Sorry for the news my friend,

I have a few questions any chance you could give me a call


Darren Kirkland


Hey Russell 

                  Just wanted to let you know Im still interested in some more conversation (the making a living has got in the way a little) but I will be in touch 


Darren Kirkland



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