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all with original central rigging . But very easy to move the new tiki rig to fw beam , remove the central, save weight and space on cockpit, have better sailing ability .

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Ciao! I am very interested to buy a pahi 26! Please contact me on valerio_bruni@icloud.com

Hare Krishna !

No more Pahi 26 ,neither 31, on the French website for used stuff . I dont know any Pahi 26 for sale in Europe at the moment . I will give you information if i see any one somewhere . 

You have very good taste ! Be patient and don't go to T...26 ! Keep the Polynesian touch not the vulgar copy .... o)


Tikis are vulgar copies??....you must really be fond of my boats

Dear Boatsmith, Thanks to answer to my attempt ( joke) to create polemic . i failed . The wharrambuilders friends here are to peacefull and have non dualistic mind . i stay alone with my sarcasm . i will have more chance in others forums . Hey, I love your boats and creatives solutions , blog, photos, your answers and advises here, and i sleep better with my thumb in mouth, dreaming, listening your big voice on videos explaining the details of the beautifull ARIKI . I have no problem with the blue shirt, but considering the navy " etiquette" i am more partial with the short, and the socks in the crocs ... details ....

Passion and work , you create your good life in good place, you have my admiration .

International jokes are often difficult, because we all express and understand things a little differently. Even when put into the same language things can be read in different ways!

I like this site because there are so many members from different parts of the world, and even when our countries have disputes, we on the Wharram forum can still be friends.

Long may it continue!

Everyone knows their own boat is the most beautiful, just as they know their own children are the best...



all good  ?you making fun of my shoes now or my socks?   hahahaha:)

mmmmnope.... I think he objects you wearing them together :P

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