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2013 Spring Wharram Meet Islamorada, FL... Who all is going?

So I was just curious who from this site would be attending this years meet down in the Keys.

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We will be there.

Marge and I will be there, the only question is how dry the paint will be on the trailered Hitia 17.  The mast is the only assembly remaining to be built and it will get glued up Saturday.  Everything else is fair/fill, sand, then repeat.


Nice! happy building... I look forward to seeing you there

I was there -- maybe we have met?  I did not take my boat down this year, no crew.  I also need to pull it for a good bottom clean and a fresh coat of anti-foul.

I got there late on Sunday. I don't think we've met... I'd love to see you boat sometime though... I've considered a Tiki 31 and a potential upgrade.

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