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Before I order West System, ask help for clarification


I am now on the way to order the resin, and found West System in Shenzhen,China.

I am on for a Tiki 21, and, if some have experience in the building of this model

1-Are quantities indicated in instructions correct (no need to have more of a articular item?)
2-It is asked for : 406A 0.275 kg Colloidal Silica and 409B 4.5kg Microspheres (for fillets) OR
407B 3.5kg Low Density Filler (for fillets).
Is the reference 407B replaces bothe 406A and 409B or only 409B?
3-For the glass tape, it calls for "732A 10 m Glass tape, 100mm wide". I read somewhere about biaxial tape, is the tape provided under this reference is the one?

If you builders have suggestions about the Epoxy, Filler and glasscloth section of the Tiki21, I am interrested in. (Only I go for West System product for the resin)

Many thanks again,


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Comment by paul anderson on July 15, 2015 at 1:54pm

I definitely used more epoxy than the amounts stated in the plans.


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