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Well I have been busy with odds and ends on the boat.I have a rear net beam that will hold the two 20 watt solar panels as well as the windvane.Now the weight of these extras,plus the beam itself are adding up and are not in the best position for on a catamaran.So with the bamboo swim ladder as well as the trampoline support poles I have saved on some weight without giving up any strength hopefully.To this end I have made another set of tillers as the original ones were extremely heavy,made from Kwila hardwood.The new ones are of rosewood and are almost half the weight of the originals.I am tempted to make an aluminum tiller bar or maybe one out of bamboo.

cheers paul.

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I'm planning on the same arrangement, plus an outboard mounted astern of the cockpit rather than through it.  I'm going to carry SCUBA tanks in the forward hold, so that should balance things out a bit, plus I'll mount the battery or batteries in the forward under bunk storage.  Somewhere I have a weight and balance spread sheet to track this stuff that I'll send to you when I find it.

I would love to make a new set of lightweight tillers and crossbar! Mine are Canadian white oak, so are nice and strong...and heavy! Somewhere I have a chart of wood densities I'll have to break out. I don't want to compromise on the strength much though, as a strong gust on a beam reach or lower can cause the boat to want to round up. Being able to hold course while dumping the main is handy in tight quarters.  The tillers take large loads in such situations, and it would be unpleasant, at best, to have one break at such a time! I have a set of Spruce 8' rowing oars for a dory I'm working on that are wonderfully light, but Spruce tillers would need some sort of reinforcement, I suspect.

I keep the #2 anchor w/150' rode at the rear of the cockpit when not needed, the #1 anchor w/300' rode is in the forward port locker with extra line. The forward starboard locker has the para-anchor, more line, and any extra sails/soft goods.

I have my battery in the second under-bunk storage aft of the starboard cabin, with the porta-potty just aft of it.  The aft-most under-bunk storage currently holds emergency signalling gear, first-aid kit, and tool kit. 

Second storage in the port cabin currently carries 3 gallons of water, gimballed single-burner stove, and a selection of freeze-dried foods. Aft-most storage carries extra blocks, hand-held lamps, mast-climbing harness, and diving mask/fins/snorkle.

The forward storage in both cabins is basically empty, so could be used for more food/water on longer trips. And, there is actually more space available in the storage areas mentioned.  Basically just have what I consider necessary for coastal sailing on the boat now.

Always good to watch your weight! ;-)

American Ash (Fraxinus americana) would be a good choice for tillers and tiller bar.  Good strength, shock resistance, bending ability, and reasonably priced.  You can hand select for straight grain and lighter boards.  It is not considered rot resistant, but that doesn't matter, since it'll be enclosed in epoxy and varnish.  There is a reason it's the traditional choice for wooden baseball bats.

Well thank you fellas for your responses.I may reinforce the tillers where it surrounds the head of the rudders,but other than that I reckon the laminated rosewood will be strong enough.I reckon I will keep the original tiller bar which will have a dampening effect on the bars themselves.I still like the idea of a bamboo tiller bar but engineering a solid area for the pins from the tillers thru to the bamboo tiller bar would be quite involved and frankly,I would always worry about the strength of this idea.I have played with gluing aluminum tubes at each end etc but it all seems a bit cute and over complicated. 

My original arrange, I think the weight balance is ok, what do you think about?

-200 l water tanks under principal bunks (100 each hull) 

-2x105A batery under aft hatches (stern storage place)

-cockpit like Tiki 30 Abaco, with motor in center.

-Manual Toilet in Aft cabin

-8Kg GLP aft Galley

-50 L Icebox in cockpit (rear mast) 

- All another things: surf,fish and dive equipment, food and clothes in fwd storage cabin

In TikiRio we have some doubts.

I will use Cedro for Tillers and Freijó (more strong, but light wood) for Gaff, but I can change.

Freijó is the wood what all brazilian builders uses for mast, because this, I choice for Gaff.

But I see all wharram friends reinforce your tillers, choice hardwood

The question...Can use Cedro for Gaff, or too much lighter? 


Cedro would be o.k but I reckon a lighter soft wood will do be better.I glassed my gaff for extra strength and durability.

Paul, if you haven't purchased your solar panels consider getting low/no profile panels and mounting them on the outside of the cabin behind the after most windows. Out of the way and pretty safe. Maybe not the perfect angle but pretty good no the less!

Hey Thomas,good to have you on board again,Yes unfortunately i have bought the panels and am not entirely happy with them in this quite vulnerable position,your suggestion definitely has it's merits.

cheers paul.


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