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I need to take my Tiki 26 out of the water, dissemble it properly and store it on the boat trailer. Does anyone have procedures they can send to me? My husband always directed efforts and I only know in principle what needs to happen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've a similar problem, but now my new tiki is on the trailler and aI need to put onto the water. Does anyone have procedures they can send to me?
Go to the Wharram website, Wharram World menu and click on the Photo Gallery. Look under the tiki range for the tiki 8m.

It shows the launching from a trailer of a tiki 8m, which is basically a tiki 26 in grp. Reverse the method to load the boat on the trailer.
great. does anybody have pictures or plan about the top of mainsail?

Take a look For Tiki 26 water launching :-)


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