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G'day folks i wonder if there is an alternative area to place the steering compass other than at the foot of the mast?

I would like it closer towards the back of the boat near the helm positions.

cheers paul.

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I've seen dual compasses on the sides of the cockpit. I was thinking of a binnacle/cooler tiedown/cockpit table about 18 inches from the aft edge of the cockpit, but that does prevent sleeping on the cockpit deck.

yeah Russ, it is a tricky one to keep it away from the motor as well as other electrical interferences in such a small space.

I have my motor hanging behind the cockpit so I'm hoping that will work. Otherwise I'll have to try and remember how to swing ship and adjust it.

I've got mine located roughly mid-cockpit, one on either side; allows the helm a view of the compass on either tack.

Like Russell's,  my motor is aft of the cockpit


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