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I try to find it on the plans, but without success. Is there a way to know the flotation line of the Tiki21 before to put it in the water. I would be glad to paint the antifoul while in the shop. May be the distance between the bottom of the rudder and the stem, and the flotation line?

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There is a page in the back of plans book titled "Tiki 21 Waterlines". It has a drawing and includes measurements from the bow and stern downwards for different displacements. The measurement seems to start at the top of the gunwale where it intersects the handle.

For 1600 lbs displacement, the stern measurement is 1'5", 432 mm and bow measurement is 1'10", 560 mm.

For 1200 lbs displacement, the stern measurement is 1'7", 483 mm and bow measurement is 2', 610 mm.

Let me know if you need more clarification. Please post a picture! :)

Thank you Bo, but I must be blind. Can't find this page on my plan book, and I watched again and again. We are speaking of the A3 format booklet, right? The one which describes step by step the building procedure? 

However, thank you, I will go tomorrow to my building place and try to figure it out with your information.

As for the picture, here is the last I took. It was the mast set up. Just a moment later, I realized that the mainsail loops were too small and bring it back to the sailmaker...



Yes, the A3 big book. In my book, it was in between sheets 22 and 23 but was not in the original style of drawing and was much smaller. Maybe a later addition? Maybe Hanneke could provide it to you? I hesitate to take a pic and post it here.

Thanks for the pic! Looks like a great boat. Good luck.

Thank you, Bo. Definitely not in my book. Even asked another pair of eyes. I then sent a message to Wharram, see if they answer. 




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