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When I first read about the Tanenui & saw pics of her, I fell in love! Lol
Problem was as originally designed she isn't trailerable & seemed a little big & intimidating.

So decided to build a Hinemoa, so got study plans for it & Jame's construction book.Since its looks similar to the Tanenui.

Then talking with my sister who lives a mile away on Big Island Hawaii also. She got very excited about the Hinemoa also. But since it only has one berth in each hull & they have 5 kids and will be going with me a lot. I decided to build a Tiki 26 instead since its trailerable. So got the study plans & started reading about building the Tiki 26 online.

But my heart really was taken by the Tanenui. I found myself looking online about her.

Then it dawned on me that JWD has plans/drawings to upgrade the Tanenui with Tiki crossbeams & lashings and the Wingsail.

So figured she should be trailerable when built with Tiki upgrades.

So got Tanenui study plans & boy am I excited! Lol

I sent JWD an email asking if the Tanenui is built with Tiki upgrades will she be trailerable.
So pending their reply, confirming she will be trailerable I'll be building a Tanenui!

If anyone has any pics especially of interior & building. Or just any pics of Tanenui at all would really appreciate if would share or send links.
Cheers, Allen

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