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Well, I was going to build a Tiki 30, but the costs were prohibitive, what with yard fees etc. Also time is catchiing up with me and "him in doors". The kids will leave home in due course. We hope.  So we are now looking for something to live on, with space for the 2 kids(between university and leaving home). Something costing between £30000 and £60000 depending on build quality and gismos onboard.

We would like to have some advise as to which Wharrams we could squeeze  4 of us into in some comfort, but not to big that when we are (finally) abandonded, and down to just 2 of us, we won't rattle around too much.

I have thought the Pahi 42 0r a Tiki 38, but since I've not been near either I don't know if I'm in the size range or not.

All help gratefully received.

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Este Pahi 42 é lindo e está na faixa de preço desejada.

This Pahi is beutyful and good price.


Insulation !! And more insulation !!

It is not just that without it the boat will difficult / expensive to heat. If you heat an uninsulated boat in typical UK weather ie. 9 months of the year, the condensation cycle can be awesome. Some people even manage to produce "inside rain".  Yes it can be added after but it is time consuming.

That P 42 might be sold ?  But also on that site EU reg ORO [no vat to pay] interesting ? Very good site Scott is knowlegable been dealing in W. [and other] cats 30+ yrs.

Best of luck.

Building a Tiki is more expensive than buying a secondhand Pahi or even a kitted out 38..... Its just the costs of stuff is extortionate these days in UK. Not only Materials but yard space and tent etc, ffuel for travelling to build from home at £10 a day from the nearest place.... just isnt worth it.

mgtdOcean said:

I'm confused, a Tiki 30 is too expensive but your looking at a 38 or 42 ft boats??? The Tiki 30 is dis-mountable so a trailer can be used. Not so the other two boats. We decided the Tiki 30 is large enough for live aboard, down south at least:) 

Take care


Sim e muito lindo, gosto, mas o meu marido tabalha ao este momente.  I have to wait untli the house is sold to be able to buy.

Rogerio Martin said:

Este Pahi 42 é lindo e está na faixa de preço desejada.

This Pahi is beutyful and good price.


Hi Jane & him in doors,

I'm new to Wharrams but not to sailing and have always had a modest monohull (30 -35ft). Last year I was lucky enough to buy a Tiki31 Espace that needs renovating (still in progress but now sea worthy). I must say I am very impressed with my boat if all space is cleared she has bunk space for eight. The galley is no smaller than most mono's, the heads is bigger and the deck space is fantastic. The Espace has a modified centre pod which we are altering the interior layout and head room to give standing head room in most of the pod. a new smaller chart table and lounge seating space for six. So my point is if there is only the four of you 31ft up and you will have more than enough room. Take a look at my page for photos and the amazing photos sent to me by Andres.



Hi Jane,

It's a very personal thing, which boat suits who. Prob best you get to spend some time on a few diff types and see which feels best to you. Even diff boats of the same type. Once you start looking the right boat will prob find you anyway. :-)

And when it does... Head South :-P

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