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hi. When I use my out board I have seen a strange andf ugly torsion of the beam? Is This normal? My outboard is hanging directly on the beam. Is this correct? Where else should it be? As usual sorry for my english

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Here is a shot of the tiki 26-style "sled":

I've bought my tiki, so I do not own the wharram guide to build it. How is it possible to fix the "sled" under the cockpit? is The torsion of the beam the only problem of hanging the outboard directly on it?

Here is a closer look:

actually the best place seems to be inside the cockpit? Isn't it? does anybody have dettails?
You should contact the guy you bought the boat from and get those plans. They really are of no use to him now and you do need them to take care of your boat properly. If that is not possible, perhaps somebody with plans could copy just that part of the plans and send them to you. Remember, only one boat can be built from each plan. Ann and Nev

It is impossible for me to ask for the plans the guys who sold me the tiki. They did not build it and I don't know who's the original builder. There were a lot of funny triks and nice alteration and no engine in my tiki "Tomtom" and I would like to know the original plans. I do not want to buid a new boat. I already own a boat abd it's enough for me...
This is my arrangement. It works very well.

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