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While I wait for the Mana "cat kit" to arrive I have been spending considerable time on the Forum, picking up ideas and techniques that will be useful once construction begins. What a great encyclopedia of knowledge and experience on this Forum! Wow!

I have not been able to find a thread dealing specifically with two component paints - likes, dislikes, pros, cons, brands, etc. When I built my Tiki 21 I used the best exterior acrylic house paint that I sold in own hardware store for above waterline and it lasted quite well. This time around, even though the cost will be considerably higher, I want to reduce maintenance and thus I am leaning towards a two component paint. What advice do other builder's have? What brands are preferred? Are some easier/safer to work with than others? Has anyone had experience with System3? What about bottom coatings? I will be sailing in fresh water, moored for most of the summer but trailering at times.

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We painted our Hitia 17 with 2-part sicomin paint and looks like new after 6 years (not exposed to the elements most of the time however). Gleda our Tiki 38 was painted originaly with Jotun Penguard Primer and 1 part Jotun Pionier Topcoat (Acrylic) by Neil. The hull sides are still the original paint and need a touch up after 7 years or so but I am quite impressed. The good thing with Acrylic paint ... you do not even "have to" sand. New paint bonds to the old one, no mixing, cheap. Neil repainted the decks with acrylic paint for house and garden (Luxens) 2 years ago and it looks excellent. I will stick with cheap Acrylic paint 

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