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Been working in my tiki 30 and have hit some snags in money, life and work...I have one hull almost done and was wondering if anyone has altered the crossbeams to accompdate an outrigger and added a crabclaw rig to make it into a one-hulled outrigger canoe? The hull-shape and general design seem like they would match. Obviously, it would cut down on interior space and storage, but just curious how these hulls would adapt...

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add the hulls of a large-ish beach cat and you'd have a tri
I think the hullshape "deep V" is not particular designed for an outrigger.
Inigo Wijnen, dutch sailor has launched a 20 meter long proa in Australia.
Before that, his first proa was a pahi 31 hull attached to outrigger home made hull.
He then used one Pahi42 hull joined to the pahi31 hull to make his second prao.
Here is a link,
He never used crabclaw rig though.

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