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Just launched yesterday.

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Congratulations Mike, we are very happy to see this very beautiful fruit coming after a so long and patient work.

Hoping to meet you one day somewhere at sea.

Bertrand and Marie-Hélène Fercot

Congratulations Mike! What a beauty! A wonderful achievement... Now comes the real fun!!! :)

Thanks Bertrand and Marie-Helene!  You have definitely led the way along with Peace 4.    Funny thing happened to me at work a couple weeks ago.   I'm a Registered Massage Therapist and one of my clients told me that on a delivery from Galapagos to Tahiti, he saw a catamaran in the Marquesas that looked alot like the drawing on my wall in my office.  He took some pictures and it was you!

So beautiful!



Congratulations Mike! What a great Moment!

Demi & Dirk (Still building our Tiki 46, www.hinemoana.com )

Thank you Mike for the beautiful pictures of our Tiki46 from your client.

Sure, It is very astonishing your client had a stop in the very beautiful bay Hanamoenoa on the NW of the island Tahuata (09°54.46S 139°06.29W) when we were anchored. We were here from the 1st June until the 9th June 2014 and we don't see a lot of sailboats!

Along the beautiful sand beach lives a very kind young Marquisian man who want I sail back one day to built him a little double pirogue !

What is your plan with your Tiki46?

Amitiés, Bertrand

As you can see from the pictures i still have a lot of work ahead, and i'm waiting til my daughter finishes school, so in 7 years we'll semi retire on the boat and head to the caribbean for the winters.

Thanks Josh. Best feeling in the world next to having a child.  Demi and Dirk, you are 4th on my list of favourite sites to check regularly. I'll be following you exclusively now that Neil's Gleda has launched....no pressure!

Congratulations! What a beautiful boat.

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