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tiki 38 plans for sale or trade, never used, complete.

i have a set of tiki 38 plans for sale, complete in their nice presentation pouch. Purchased last year, hull number 131 (a beautiful number by the way). Will sell or trade as i am deep in the building of a proa (pacific wtw from the madness hull (#2) from cheaspeake light craft), and will not be building this tiki.

Will trade for boat gear ?, currency? precious metals? other stuff of value.....shout me up with your offer...thanks.

By the way, we launch a rebuilt tiki 21 late next month with the new advanced crab claw rig on it. One of the reasons to build the proa instead of the tiki as i wanted to crab claw it and shunt.

anyway, good plans, great boat (my plans changed due to my wife's health which now resticts me to day sailing...such is life).

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Tiki 38 No. 130   in Geneva Switzerland "just for fun".

Tiki 38   No 130 à Genève Suisse "juste pour rire".


soo do u still have the plans? How much do u want for them?


Still available. Getting close to having my proa complete (a form of a cat), and definitely, definitely  will NOT be building another boat. So if you plan on building a skookum tiki 38, i have plans (no  boat  built) for sale so  that you can  sail..

hey rob, maybe clif wants an auction. i'll kick off the bidding at $200.

Clif, glad to have found an unused set of Tiki 38 plans, as much as I love the Wharram designs I find the cost of plans to be unaffordable, at least to a mostly retired wood worker in Canada!

If you've still got them please get back to me and we'll cut a deal.


Jim in Picton, Ontario, Canada

PS  we've got friends who built/sail the larger Tiki "Peace"  and they are beautiful boats

Do you still have the plans?

Are these plans still available?

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