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Hello, my name is Marcel and I am currently building a Wharram Hitia 14 and my next build will be the Wharram Tiki 26 for which I also bought the building plans.

I would like to sell my Tiki 38 building plans because I am not going to build the Wharram Tiki 38. I am selling for half price + shipping cost. Contact me if you are interested.

I will notify the James Wharram Design office if the plans change owner. Building plan number is 155.


Thank you,

Kindest regards,


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Do you still have these plans?

JWD don't support second hand bought plans. They accept returns of plans in unopened as new condition if

purchasing plans for a larger boat.

Perhaps they do support builders with second hand bought plans after payment to them of some additional

percentage of the new plans price??? Nope.

See the JWD site FAQ:


What is your returns policy?

Customers have the right to cancel their order and have their payment refunded within 7 days of placing an

order. If the order has already been dispatched the product must be returned unopened, in this case

we cannot refund shipping costs. Refunds will only be made after product has been returned and received

in unopened and undamaged condition. It should be understood that products that can be copied,

such as boat plans and books, cannot be returned or exchanged unless returned in their UNOPENED

original packaging within seven days of receipt.

For other products we will replace any faulty or broken items if returned within seven days of receipt.

For more information please contact us.


Can I exchange an old, but unused Building Plan for a set of plans for a bigger boat?

So long as you originally purchased the Building Plans from us, they are less than 3 years old,

in good condition and you have not built a boat from them or copied them, you can return your plans to us

and we will give you a 15% discount on your next building plan order.

Can I build from a second hand set of plans and pay you a royalty?

No! The building plans are sold to amateur builders, giving them the right to build one craft only.

The largest part of the cost of purchasing the plans is the royalties and

the right to technical backup from this office. In any case, when building a boat,

the plans do tend to get a bit battered and might become incomplete. Building from a new set of plans also

ensures that you have the latest updates of a design.

Still for sale the 38 plans

Hi Marcel,

I am just wondering if you have Sold your Tiki 38 Plans yet ?

I am very interested to buy second hand or used Tiki 38 Plans please

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