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greetings fellow plyphiles i was thinking what if any mods/ideas would be good to have on a t26 for long ocean passages.these questions are a bit premature as my plans are now only on their way from cornwall,but it would be good to get a heads up.
cheers paul

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Get on over to the "official" Wharram site and join the forums. Read, in particular, Glenn Tieman's posts and Rory McDougal's posts. Lots of other good info as well. Glenn is currently soloing in Micronesia, having sailed down the west coast of the Americas to Costa Rica, his departure point for the crossing to French Polynesia.

Many years ago, Rory circumnavigated in his tiki 21, Cooking Fat. He just completed an Atlantic round trip from England to Rhode Island...
thanks kim,good advice,those blokes are absolute legends imo,but i am also interested in any other ideas,the more the merrier,as i believe there is a vast pool of knowledge on this forum too.
For sure! I'd say pay attention to your cabin hatches: the ability to stay dry inside the cabin has any number of pluses and very little to no negatives. . .
I think the biggets problem is all the things you have to store. Clear water above all. I mean we are 4 person. 2 adults and two babies. Immagine stuff we need.
i was looking at ralfs build photos and noticed his strong point (stainless u bolt) on the aft decks for attaching a line to a sea anchor \drogue is this set up possible on t 26.

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