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Hi All, 

I bought some 2nd hand Tiki 21 plans (906) a while back and am looking to trade them for another design.

I bought them from a guy on this site named Claudio Calcagno a few years back, who was building Kia but had to give up on the build due to poor health.

They are copies of the originals, as the originals where ruined in an epoxy spill by the first owner, but NO BOAT has been built from the plan or hull number.

All offers considered.

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Hi Josh,

Are you sure Claudio did not sell the unfinished project to someone else? Seems a bit odd to just sell copies of the plans and waste the uncompleted work.

If I can be sure about that I am interested in buying the plans from you. 

What made you change your mind about the Tiki 21 if I may ask?



I can only take him at his word and he assured me that this was the case. I imagine that if someone else is building the boat they will be on this site too.

I didn't build the boat because I really want a larger wharram and I have been urged by many builders to just build the boat that I really want!

So I offer the plans with full transparency..

Best regards, Josh

Josh,  I might be interested in purchasing your plans.  I do not have plans to trade or want to build a boat from these plans, I just like having plans to study.  If you have a price in mind, you can contact me directly  mark  at  markbalogh dot com.



Josh, Don't know where you are located.  Are the copies good quality? If you are still offering the plans, what currency is appropriate for an offer?  Thanks Mark

Hi Guys,
Sorry for the late reply. Mark O'Hara of Gemini Dawn is the new owner of the plans Hull No: 906. Thanks to everybody for their interest.. All the best to Mark and Audrie. Cheers, Josh :)

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