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I am on the way to put the cabins roofs on my hulls.
However, I did not find the dimension of the "small" end of this roof (the part that ends at the stern side.
Should I assume it must be 6 inches, or 15 cm, as the stringer position?
I put the design provided on the blue print and the booklet.
Thanks for your help or advice,

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Took only one of my pics. Here is the second one.

Salut eric! 

Now that you say it, i remember us having the same question. I think the measurement is not provided because every TIKI 21 is a bit different. You simply figure it out so that it matches your boat. The hatch dimensions are given. This leeds to the matching coaming. You then measure on your hulls how big or small the roof must be to close the gap. 

This way did the trick for us. By the way cardboard works much better than calculations in my opinion. 

Bon courage!


Thank Pius, actually I ended the story by putting the plywood board on the cabin, draw the lines, and report the opposit in the same way on the other hull. That will do the job. Oh yes, I'm sure that all Boats are diffrent. Mine will certainly be :-). And yes again, cardboard and instinct are very usefull.
Vielen Dank,

Bonjour Eric

Je me rend compte que le travail avance et bravo. On ne vois pas encore le résultat, mais j'espère le voir bientôt.

l'eau salée n'est plus très loin!


Jean Paul,
Merci pour les bonnes paroles!
Alors voici une photo, moche, prise au portable le soir. Là je suis rentré à Hong Kong et ne vais pas retourner en Chine avant 15 jours, oui, ça avance, surtout que les trois bras sont déjà faits.
À bientôt,

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