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I've decided I need a spinnaker..."Kattu" may be sensational upwind,  but not so much off the wind.  The plans don't show any dimensions;  I would like to know if any Tiki 38 owners have figured out an optimal size for luff and foot,  assuming a symmetrical chute.


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Hi Alf

I use an asymmetrical spinnaker in a 'snuffer sock'. Works an absolute treat particularly in light weather and can be carried on a beam reach.

If you can get the sail maker down to your boat s/he will measure it up with little trouble. I extended my rig by a metre so my measurements would be wrong on a standard size rig. Otherwise a line drawing of the boat and sail plan may be adequate.

Mine is rigged with a continuous tack line running through turning blocks tied to each bows and cleated off on the mooring cleats on the mast case.

The turning  blocks for the sheet/clew are opposite the leading edge of my pod so that I have a good lead to the jammers on the pod. 

A snuffer sock makes the sail very easy to manage when hoisting and dropping as well as stowing in the sail locker.


our mast is only 10.5m high. we use a symetric spi and have a drifter too. great sails... you will need i one day. specially the drfter is  very usefull for us. works till 80 degree upwind and is smaller then the spi of course... we use it in stronger wind  liek a spi... too.

Thanks Dave and Hans for your input;  I am hoping to find a decent used spinnaker.  That's why I would like to know what the optimal dimensions are,  so that I can look for one nearest to that.  Finishing and launching this build ate into the cruising kitty some so now it's time to tighten those purse strings!


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