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My new book about 50,000 miles of adventure and fun with my trusty Wharram Tangaroa Mk1 'Taraipo' has just been published. It is full of practical information, and photos and maps. Please feel free to post your reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and here.

title; Sea, Sun & Taraipo

author; John Jameson

publisher; Grosvenor House Publishers

Sea, Sun & Taraipo: Millionaires in Time: Jameson, John: 978183...

Sea, Sun & Taraipo: Millionaires in Time by John Jameson, Paper...

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Hi John

Congratulations on publishing your book which I have just finished reading. What an amazing sailing adventure you had during  your one and a half circumnavigation.  You certainly had a few tricky situations to cope with but with great seamanship and occasionally a bit of luck you survived to tell the tale !

There is good practical information on making running repairs and even having to cope with dismanting.

Your voyage demonstrates the excellent seaworthiness of Wharram catamarans and will be an inspiration to many other Wharram sailors who read your book.

Don Brazier

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