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Hi all, I am about to purchase a set of sails from Jeckells in the UK. They'll be sent to a friend's home in the U.S.A..

I'd like to know if there will be any extra charges (taxes, stamps, etc.) when the sails arrive to my friend's home. Besides that I'd like to know if Brit VAT will be applicable considering the sails will be sent overseas.


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I just ordered a set of sails from Jeckells myself.  I had them sent to a friend in London who kindly hand-carried it to me here in Connecticut.  You definitely have to pay the UK VAT whether the sail is delivered in the UK or overseas...  Not sure if the US Customs folks will apply an import tax or not.  Here's a useful link to figure it out: http://www.dutycalculator.com/country-guides/Import-duty-taxes-when...



Thanks Jeff, my friend in OK already has them. Now waiting for them to arrive here.


I think you are mistaken regarding UK VAT. VAT is only payable for goods delivered inside the EU, if Jeckells had shipped the sails direct to you outside the UK then no UK VAT is payable and you should not be charged VAT by the seller.  It is also possible to reclaim any VAT direct from the seller if you can prove they were exported and an export certificate is obtained from the shipping company.  Of course the shipping may be more expensive than the VAT!

I believe it is also possible for non UK /EU residents to reclaim the VAT at the airport.




Yes, you're right.  I forgot that I was balancing the cost of shipping to the USA Vs. my pal in the UK having to pay the VAT...


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