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The pictures posted on the Photo page are a great source of information. However, much more could be told with a few added words.
Why do we look at the same semi finished hull from different angles? What does the builder want to tell us? Is it about a detail? About the material? Where was the picture taken? Which ocean? Weather details? What island are we looking at? What harbor? Who is the person who's picture you publish five times in a row?

I hope that you are not posting a picture just for yourself to view. This is not a private picture collection. So please tell us others the story or the detail that you like to share.

Thanks to all the members who are already giving written information, but they are so few! Please don't worry about language, use the one that you are familiar with (well, it doesn't have to be Chinese picture writ).

Is this asked too much? I would like other members to add their voice.

You can tell so much more with a title and a short description. It's so easy to do. Just a bit of thinking. It's all explained on the site how to do it. If you have difficulties, ask for help.

Thank you!!!

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