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For those who are interested in downloading a navigation program that allows you to overlay google earth have a look at www. cruisersforum.com. Somewhere on the net one can download charts too.

cheers paul.

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I have not used them but NOAA is free and covers all the Pacific and pretty much the World, UK excepted for copyright reasons.

Again www.visitmyharbour.com have UK charts. There are various options - for £25 you can get a licence for life to select and download charts but there is a lot of scrolling through catalogues etc. to load up for a cruise, quicker is to buy a once-off of the whole UK this comes in DVD [cheapest] or dongle which is more costly - but for a small fee the dongle can be reloaded with new / corrected charts at intervals. The site is not so clear as to exactly what they are selling with each package - or so I found but maybe it's only me ? Still I am using the DVD and it is very good - the new Open CPN opens a folio of charts at once so no delay as you sail off the edge of one waiting as the new chart loads .And NO I have no commercial interest....

I see rgleason reckons zygrib is not as powerful as climatalogy for wxrouting?

Mate i here you, trust me as long asit works i am a happy camper, how is the build going?

pictures or it didn't happen mate.;-)

I can point you to another program that gives access to a range of free and commercial maps.

Try Oruxmaps for Andriod operating systems. It works with Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenseaMaps, TopOSM, USGS Vectors and many other online and file based sources. You can download (cache) any of these sources for offline use. Works well on a £150 10' pad computer in a waterproof cover.

AND it's Free!

If you have Opencpn well then looky here.


Thanks Paul!

     Please beware of malware that comes along with some of the downloaded apps.  Adaware seems to clear up things along with Spybot.
     Please, anyone who works out the bugs, post them. 
     Also post questions if you run into difficulties.  Sometimes it's too cold for epoxy work.

WOW, thank you to the person that posted the link, I downloaded and installed and nope no add-ware or other creepy crawlies, again thank you for a super link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

malware was "scorpion saver" which was installed as an adware program, can be uninstalled like any other program.  interjected banner ads in craig's list.

No way, just the usual paranoia.

Paul's zip file contained directories with charts that are meant to be read by OpenCPN, not executed. So long as you don't execute something (that would be an ".exe" file in wdws) but just read it, there is no chance for malware.

Bao Ya said:

Forgive me for asking, but what is all this talk about malware and addware  has anyone been infected while downloading from the links Ian and Paul has suggested here, if so please post the info!

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