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For those who are interested in downloading a navigation program that allows you to overlay google earth have a look at www. cruisersforum.com. Somewhere on the net one can download charts too.

cheers paul.

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You may want to PM booya, he has the whole world in his hands. He has gone to great lengths to help me and the results are truly amazing.

Thanks B.

Sounds like Boo Ya is a truly generous person !

Wakataitea also posted some good stuff on this. It was through this that I found Open CPN...yes truly amazing !

The UK is one of the last places still claiming copyright on charts which makes charts for the British Isles probably the most expensive in the world [ in fairness also very good ].

Here is the legal alternative - www.visitmyharbour.com - 800 UK Navy charts for the price of ONE paper one. And paper back up ?  DIY- these charts are printable ! So even poorboys like me can have a folio of A4's ready or if you have access to a larger printer you can make your own full size.

And if you do not want to risk your expensive laptop on the high seas some charities do refurbished used machines - I think Oxfam is one of them.

 Ooops that link is not live. Try again http:/visitmyharbour.com ???

This is a whole OS for navigation. It includes OpenCPN along with many other useful programs.


Merci je fais suivre l'info
Galway Bay said:

Sonne comme Boo Ya est une personne vraiment généreuse!

Wakataitea également affiché de bonnes choses à ce sujet. C'est grâce à ce que j'ai trouvé Ouvert CPN ... oui vraiment incroyable!

Le Royaume-Uni est l'un des derniers endroits encore revendiquant le droit d'auteur sur les cartes graphiques qui rend les îles britanniques sans doute la plus chère du monde [en équité également très bon].

Voici l'alternative légale - www.visitmyharbour.com  - 800 UK Charts Marine pour le prix d'un article un. Et le papier back up? DIY-ces cartes sont imprimables! Ainsi, même Poorboys comme moi peuvent avoir un portefeuille de A4 est prêt ou si vous avez accès à une imprimante grand vous pouvez faire votre propre taille réelle.

Et si vous ne voulez pas risquer votre ordinateur portable coûteux en haute mer, certains organismes de bienfaisance ne rénové machines utilisées - Je pense Oxfam est l'un d'entre eux.

OK  You have my full attention.  This looks great.  Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate the product.  

Forgive me for being thick, but could you confirm the link we need to use to access this?  There are a couple indicated on page 2 of this discussion and in the original start of the thread, but I can't work out which link the screen grabs here relate to.  

As I said, me being stupid I expect...

Thanks Paul

I have now downloaded opencpn program from open com.org   They have a users manual so I am working my way through this.  Have also downloaded charts for South China Sea.  Hopefully I can get these on the application then have a play around.  The cruisers forum had so many threads that I got a bit lost......  But I think when you know what you want or need to add in terms of adding/linking hardware/software, a specific thread might well be there to help.

My 50 year old plus brain is struggling a little, but I will try to persevere without troubling you good folks on the forum too much!

One interesting thing though, the distributers of charts for the South China Sea take the view that the charts should be free.  Information to prevent collisions, environmental catastrophes etc is considered so positive for the continued safety and health of their Sea, they do not want it restricted only to those that might pay.  Great to see that attitude in an official body!

Many thanks for the links.  

Mate others helped me, I am still learning.... Enjoy it.

I see the screenshot of Harwich - what chart package are you using for UK Charts ? Do you have a source for free UK charts ? Obviously I am not asking you to recommend illegal copies !

I used Open CPN this season with an external GPS receiver it is very good but obviously I must learn to use more of the tools that come with it. A huge step-up for me as previously I used only compass +  ruler !!

Sources of charts a problem for me also.  Followed link for South China Sea and downloaded, but very limited detail (might be me selecting wrong options of course).  Also, where boat will be is where South China Sea meets the Pacific (or Philippine Sea as they call it locally).  So I only have half my cruising area covered and I could not find a link for Pacific charts to cover the area.

So I would appreciate any help with legal sources too.

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