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For those who are interested in downloading a navigation program that allows you to overlay google earth have a look at www. cruisersforum.com. Somewhere on the net one can download charts too.

cheers paul.

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Do you refer to the openCPN thread?

Yes mate have a look around there.

Silly me, didn't pay attention to the title of the thread.

The download address is http://opencpn.org/ocpn/download

You will be interested in the free Brazilian charts Ricardo.

Yes! Very useful.

Pity I haven't found any for the Rio de la Plata. I'll have to buy a big scale paper one to make navigation and sextant exercises.

You might want to check out the "Long Term Almanac 2000-2050" by Geoffrey Kolbe. And you might also be interested in "Emergency Navigation" by Burch.

Ooops! Just found the Argentinian Charts.

i am using open CP and the google charts everytime here in asia... great stuff.. spot on and very safe...

we sailed up the kilias river  in Labuan borneo.

no charts for this but with google overlay. no problem..

really great stuff.

 here some links:





Fantastic, it is truly amazing to think how this works. A great tool to have as part of your navigation package, the price is right too.

price??? it is all for free...... zero dollar... only a small notbook and a gps mouse for 20 bucks and here you go...

Ricardo follow the link below, for brazilian marine charts


Ricardo Aráoz said:

Sim! Muito útil.

Pena que eu não encontrei nenhuma para o Rio de la Plata. Eu vou ter que comprar um papel grande escala para tornar a navegação e exercícios sextante.

Você pode querer verificar o "Almanaque de Longo Prazo 2000-2050", de Geoffrey Kolbe. E você também pode estar interessado em "emergência de navegação" por Burch.

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