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Does anyone have pics or drawings of a Narai Mk IV with Schooner Wingsail Rig that would be kind enough to post them here or give link to see them?

I got my Narai Mk IV plans (Yea!) and will be getting the Design Improvement Package 2 and Schooner Wingsail drawings, but have to wait a bit to buy them.

I haven't seen a Narai with Schooner Wingsail rig pics or drawings yet and just wanted to see what she looks like with the Schooner Wingsail.

Also, do the masts set in the same position with the Schooner Wingsail rig as they do with the Ketch rig shown in the plans?

I'll be using the Tiki style Tabernacle in the Design Improvement Package 2 drawings if that makes a difference.

Cheers, Allen

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Oh no hurry at all! Have a save & fun time. :-)


follow this link to see film of a Narai schooner sailing 


much more here:


This was on the Wharram's website.


Thanks Martin, I had seen a couple pics of Indigo before but not all these. That was great.

Cheers, Allen

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