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     We have FINALLY found an anchor we trust completely for our Tiki 46.  We decided to go for an anchor that would hold whatever the situation and we found the Monson Supreme does that.  Probably we went too heavy, but we are glad to have the 80 pounder and all chain and no worries.  It goes down, holds first try, stays put, and the shank goes all the way under each time (muddy when lifted) but the head of the anchor cleans off easily if dragged slowly through the water.  It's a big brute of an anchor and we like it a whole lot.

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Our trusty CQR copied was looking very rusty last year so we replaced it with a Rocna as we wanted something that bit quickly as we are in the Med and anchorages are crowded.  As we do not have a windlass we we ended up with a 10kg as there was not a 12kg and the 15kg is too heavy for us to handle.

When we used it we found it bit as quickly as advertised.  The only time we had a problem with it was when we dragged; however, it did reset, the bottom was not brilliant and as we were on chain and rode we may not have had enough scope (lulled in to a false sense of security as we had sat the weather out for 2 days before we dragged when it picked up a bit more overnight with a nasty chop). 

We subsequently laid a all rode kedge as a backup and had a succession of windsurfers come off in front of us as their skegs caught the rode when the load came on :-|

Brad, does your 13lbs Mantus anchor fits in your front hatch when mounted? 

Brad Ingram said:

I have a Mantus 13lb on my Tiki 21 and it sets instantly and holds like a rock every time

I have a far too heavy Mantus and a farr too heavy chain on my T21. it doesn't fit in my front hatch. However,when in the water, it is very secure and a pain to pull it back. Plus I dammage my front beam, even with all care I use. I want to change for something lighter, but not sur of what I need. 

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