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Would anyone like to share with me the material list for the tiki 26>. Just doing a cost comparison with tiki 30 . Cheers Pat

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You can find the building costs in



Thank Andries. However I was thinking number of pcs of ply, kg of epoxy ect . I have the list for Tiki 30 and would like to compare specific materials .


I can't help you with any list but Scott B. William who owned a T21 and built a T26, published a very good article comparing the build of both designs 26 and 30ft.

Here it is.

Element II- A Wharram Tiki 26 Catamaran- Build Comparison- Tiki 

I think it makes a lot of sense especially building solo.

Regards and happy 2015.


Cheers thank you for the link I will have a look tonight
Patrick, did you get the info on T21 materials list?
If not I can email you a copy of the materials list from the study plans if you like.

Cheers, Allen

Hi Allen

I just recieved the building plans for the tiki 26. I expect to start building right away. Plywood has arrived ect. Thanks for the offer .

Cheers pta  

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