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I am currently renovating the masts on my tiki 38. The halyards blocks were held in place at the masthead by short lengths of 6mm rope doubled and then fed through a slot in the masthead with a stopper knot to hold it in place. Is this a standard design?
Would appreciate some comments from any tiki 38 owners out there. 
Cheers Dave. 
I will try to paste a photo

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I have uploaded a photo of the masthead to my photos page. This is a link. I hope!

This is standad, and works well. But yours fells a little short, I don't have a T38. But my T30 will be like this.

Hi David,

I fitted a rope strop as per plans to Cookie for the main halyard. The first time it chafed through was in NZ after 15,000 miles of sailing. So not bad in regular coastal sailing use. I replaced it with another strop. This chafed through after another 7,000 miles. In Singapore I fitted a 3mm stainless plate to mast top with a tang on the rear to shackle the double main halyard block to. This has now lasted 15 years and 17,000 miles.

I would advise to carefully check the current strop for any signs of chafe and replace with thicker rope perhaps at least 8mm. I prefer rope to metal wherever possible, but it would be good to eliminate the side to side chafe at the back of the slot.

Cheers, Rory

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