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Hi All,

Little Cat (Tiki 21) has no limber holes in her bulkheads, and the plans do not mention them. Any thoughts on whether or not to drill limber holes? The boat is very dry, and there has never been a need for limber holes, but it could be very awkward in a crises (hull flooded) in that it would be hard to get water out of the main cabin. On the other hand, if the boat is full to the floor boards, it is still not enough water to threaten the ship - perhaps this is why no limber holes in the plans?


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Roger, I have holes between some of the bulkheads. They are a nuisance and I plan to block them. Any water that gets into the cockpits ends up in the cockpit bilge and that's fine, I can clear that at the end of the day. The problem is that it wants to move into the central bilge and take an age to drain back to the cockpit. I store stuff in the central bilge which gets wet. To clear them I usually end up in there with a bucket and sponge.

I carry a manual stirrup bilge pump which is quick and effective. I think it would be good to attach an extension tube to this to get into the other bilges if needed. The pump and a collapsible bucket are my weapons in case of a major flood! 

I think I will block the holes or perhaps fit rubber bungs.


There are no limber holes for a reason. Do not add any. A hand bilge pump can clear different sealed areas that get water in them.

no holes

Thanks everyone - much appreciated. What I needed to know.


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