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I've never been totally happy with the jib sheeting on my Tiki 21. It's currently on a 2:1 which runs through a block on a lanyard much as per the design except that it is cleated off on a cam cleat fixed to the cockpit side. It's visible in the shot below.

This is ok, but you can't easily pull hard on the sheet. Also it's not good single handed as you can't control the head sail from the windward side. It has the advantage of keeping the decks clear which keeps my kids from tripping. 

The next issue is sheeting my planned asymmetric. Where is the best place to fix this? In the model below you I've marked out some possible points.

My thoughts include:

1. Some kind of block at C, a cleat at E

2. Similarly a block at D, cleat at E.

3. Perhaps E also be used to cleat the jib sheets.

4. Might D interfere with the tillers.

5. It might be inconvenient to thread blocks at D.

6. I might need to release sheets in a hurry.

I would hope to perhaps come up with an arrangement that would work for both sails. I've already checked out Roger's blog and many online pictures of other arrangements, but I'm still working through the possibilities.

I've little rigging experience and am not sure of the best solution or hardware choices.

Suggestions and comments would be welcome.



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Asymetricals are great, has a lot of power and easy to control.

I have a narrow cut normal spinaker on my 42ft Pahi and use it a lot. I can fly it simalar to a A-spi but not fully.

I use a baberhauler on beam 3 to control and a block on beam 4. Works fine for me.

I would love to get my hands on an A-spi but the dreaded funds wont allow it at the moment.

Most rig-setup is accomplished is through trial and error.

Nosy Be - Madagascar

Final installment on making an asymmetric.

Now for the maintenance jobs before it's time to get back on the water.

Nice job on the asymetrical. It looks great. I look forward to seeing it in action.

Thanks Rod, I await the test flight with some trepidation. The gap between success and failure is magnified by the work put in. I'll let you know.

Checked out your website and look forward to reading more. I love the paintings, great life. Do tell about the Mana as it happends.


Hi, Ian. Thanks for the comments. I have indeed been blessed with a good life.

I do understand what you say about "trepidation" and the "gap between success and failure". It is easy to get excited by the idea of a finished product and neglect to take into account the work which was required to get to the end result. I am feeling that way about the project on which I am about to embark. I expect your sail will work wonderfully - I love the colours.

I will do my best to update with the Mana build. JWD will be sending me an invoice this week to get things rolling. I will likely do update posts on my blog as well as on my Facebook page, although once I get into building mode, I tend to forget to take photos and videos, etc. 

Cheers, Rod

I'll post on the A-sail, success or failure. Good luck with the Mana and keep us posted. Enjoy.

Cheers Ian

What did the dimensions end up being for your spinnaker (luff, foot, leech)? I have an asym that I got for free, and I'm wondering how it measures up!           

Hi Brad, I really need to go back an edit my blog! I completely forgot to put the dimensions in.

In meters my sail is: Luff: 6.2m, Leach 5.8m, Foot 4.6m Total area - 21.5 sq m. The design is an A3 runner

For comparison, Littlecat is using  Luff 21' 9" (6.7m), Leach 20' 2"(6.5m) and Foot 13' 6" (4.1m). I'm not sure what shape it is i.e. running or reaching.

Cheers Ian


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