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I am trying to get insurance cover for an Atlantic crossing and cruising in the caribbean. but my present broker after two weeks said they could not help. does anyone know of one who insures wharrams for such a trip. either fully comprehensive or third party. ?  cheers Ray

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hi Ray, I finished up going across and 50000 miles without insurance - in my book 'Sea' Sun & Taraipo' https://www.amazon.com/Sea-Sun-Taraipo-Millionaires-Time/dp/1839751...

Thanks for the reply John , I'll read the book and maybe talk again if that's ok. Cheers Ray

Hello Ray,

Have you tried Basic Boat for 3rd Party insurance?  www.basic-boat.com

I don't know whether or not they cover your range, but worth a look. They certainly cover Wharrams.

I have just received their renewal and their reasonable rates have stayed the same for a while now.  


Many thanks Ian I'll look them.

Insurers worth trying, probably in the order below, are:

Craft insure https://www.craftinsure.com

IRCM http://www.ircmsc.co.uk/insurance/

Topsail https://www.topsailinsurance.com

GJW https://www.gjwdirect.com


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